Mead, or honey wine, is an ancient form of winemaking traditionally used for healing purposes. An ancient custom was to give newlywed couples enough Mead to last for a month. The word “Honeymoon” thus describes the first weeks of marriage.

Classic Mead                                                                           

A fresh, light mead that has a delightful blend of honey and Swan Valley grapes.  The aroma of this mead  alludes to the privileged smells of a sweet beehive.  Crisp grape flavours are softly sweetened by the Parrot Bush honey which lingers lusciously on the palate. A medium bodied mead that is ready to drink now. A perfect partner for those hot Summer days.

Sweetness: MediumVintage: 2015
Style: Melomel (Mel'.o.mel) Mead made with fruit or fruit juice and honey

Spiced Mead
An elegant pale gold opulent mead that is mildly spiced with the aromatic flavours of ginger, cinnamon, cloves and rosemary.  Our Spiced mead pulls together a great balance of acidity cutting through the sweetness to ensure a tingling long mild lager finish.  This style of mead was traditionally served warm to enhance its aromas and warm the soul, however it is equally nice served chilled.   Ready to drink now but will cellar well for two years, the spices becoming more complex.

Sweetness: MediumVintage: 2015
Style: Metheglin (Me.theg'.lin) - mead made with complex flavours of herbs and spices.


Banksia Liqueur
Banksia liqueur shows off the sweet soft overtones of Banksia honey with background notes of a fortified brandy spirit. This rich golden mead reflects the luminous colour of honey and is sticky to suit.  A liqueur that simply melts in your mouth revealing butterscotch favours derived from its honey variety. Ready to drink now but will age well in the bottle to develop further in colour and intensity. Enjoy this liqueur served over ice.

Parrot Bush Liqueur
Parrot Bush Liqueur is a bold complex liqueur aged in French oak for three months.  This elegant liqueur has warm lingering flavours of spicy honey, roasted hazelnuts and finishes with hints of treacly toffee flavours.  Darker in colour, it will age well if you can hold onto it.