The House of Honey™ 

The House of Honey™  showcases all things honey and bee related from pollen, royal jelly, handmade beeswax candles to beauty products and giftware. We look forward to your visit and encourage you to taste our delicious quality honeys. You will be amazed how different they all taste. See our live bee display where our friendly staff will explain all about the world of bees. Don’t forget to join our honey club where you can earn free honey when you visit.

Some of our honeys are laboratory tested for their ability to heal.  Jarrah, Blackbutt and Red gum are some examples of tested honeys for their antimicrobial activity which is symbolized by the letters TA (Total Activity). Our certificates are in store for you to view.  Our beehives are moved at night to different locations depending upon availability of nectar- mostly pristine native bushland populated by our many different Eucalyptus species. Each of these floral species have their own unique flavour- all of which are available for tasting. As seasons vary from year to year, so do the flavours and availability of honeys.

Our honey extracting facilities meet the Australian Food Safety Act and are inspected annually for quality assurance.



Did you know that Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, that if all the bees were to die in the world, man would only have 3 years to live. No bees, no food, no man